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Picture Item Name Price Buy
US-Bloodforged Warfists 65.58 USD Buy
US-Ornate Battleplate of the Master 73.78 USD Buy
US-Chestplate of Limitless Faith 73.78 USD Buy
US-Unyielding Bloodplate 73.78 USD Buy
US-Gauntlets of Battle Command 73.78 USD Buy
US-Robe of Eternal Rule 76.51 USD Buy
US-Legacy of the Emperor 76.51 USD Buy
US-Chestguard of Nemeses 76.51 USD Buy
US-Nightfire Robe 76.51 USD Buy
US-Raiment of Blood and Bone 76.51 USD Buy
US-Raven Lord's Gloves 76.51 USD Buy
US-Stormbreaker Chestguard 76.51 USD Buy
US-Luminescent Firefly Wristguards 76.51 USD Buy
US-Inlaid Cricket Bracers 76.51 USD Buy
US-Gleaming Moth Cuffs 92.90 USD Buy
US-Shining Cicada Bracers 92.90 USD Buy
US-Darting Damselfly Cuffs 92.90 USD Buy
US-Smooth Beetle Wristbands 92.90 USD Buy
US-Pearlescent Butterfly Wristbands 92.90 USD Buy
US-Jagged Hornet Bracers 92.90 USD Buy
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