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Picture Item Name Price Buy
US-Spaulders of the Scorned 30.06 USD Buy
US-Legplates of Durable Dreams 30.06 USD Buy
US-Zom's Rain-Stained Cloak 30.06 USD Buy
US-Cristof's Crushing Cloak 30.06 USD Buy
US-Dory's Pageantry 30.06 USD Buy
US-Dirl's Drafty Drape 30.06 USD Buy
US-Sutiru's Brazen Bulwark 30.06 USD Buy
US-Ring of the Shipwrecked Prince 35.52 USD Buy
US-The Gloaming Blade 35.52 USD Buy
US-Relic of Xuen(Strength) 49.18 USD Buy
US-Relic of Xuen(Agility) 49.18 USD Buy
US-Relic of Chi Ji 49.18 USD Buy
US-Relic of Yu'lon 49.18 USD Buy
US-Touch of the Light 54.65 USD Buy
US-Krol Scimitar 54.65 USD Buy
US-Imperial Silk Gloves 65.58 USD Buy
US-Liferuned Leather Gloves 65.58 USD Buy
US-Murderer's Gloves 65.58 USD Buy
US-Fists of Lightning 65.58 USD Buy
US-Gauntlets of Unbound Devotion 65.58 USD Buy
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