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Picture Item Name Price Buy
US-Chestguard of Earthen Harmony 21.86 USD Buy
US-Gloves of Earthen Harmony 21.86 USD Buy
US-Lifekeeper's Gloves 21.86 USD Buy
US-Lifekeeper's Robe 21.86 USD Buy
US-Legguards of Sleeting Arrows 21.86 USD Buy
US-Kilt of Pandaren Promises 21.86 USD Buy
US-Ghost Reaver's Breastplate 23.23 USD Buy
US-Ghost Reaver's Gauntlets 23.23 USD Buy
US-Living Steel Breastplate 23.23 USD Buy
US-Living Steel Gauntlets 23.23 USD Buy
US-Breastplate of Ancient Steel 23.23 USD Buy
US-Gauntlets of Ancient Steel 23.23 USD Buy
US-Boblet's Bouncing Hauberk 23.23 USD Buy
US-Buc-Zakai Memento 23.23 USD Buy
US-Don Guerrero's Glorious Choker 23.23 USD Buy
US-Wang's Unshakable Smile 27.32 USD Buy
US-Jan-Ho's Unwavering Seal 27.32 USD Buy
US-Perculia's Peculiar Signet 27.32 USD Buy
US-Dorian's Necklace of Burgeoning Dreams 27.32 USD Buy
US-Relic of Niuzao 27.32 USD Buy
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